Current Firms and Board Members

The CB:PSB is governed by a Board, comprising a Chairman, senior executives from the founding firms, two or more individual’s independent of the banking industry, the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee (ex-officio) and the Chair of the Stakeholder Forum (ex-officio).

Dame Susan Rice is the Chairman and the CB:PSB board members are:

  • Andrew Falconer: Head of Customer Banking Contact Centres, Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks
  • Anna Hart: Head of Professional Standards & Development, Learning & Development, Human Resources, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Robin Jarvis: (Ex-Officio) Chair, Stakeholder Forum and Professor of Accounting, Brunel University
  • David Jones: Head of Organisational Development, Barclays PLC
  • Sue Lewis, Independent Board Member
  • David McCreadie: Managing Director, Banking, Tesco Bank
  • Stephen Pearson: Senior Adviser, CEO Office, Virgin Money
  • Sue Willis : Director Simplification, Customer Interactions Division, Santander UK 
  • Simon Thompson: (Ex-Officio), Chair, Professional Standards Committee and Chief Executive Chartered Banker Institute
  • Nick Winsor: Head of Remediation Management Office UK, HSBC Bank 

You can view the CB:PSB Board Terms of Reference here.