Our Aims

The CB:PSB’s overall aim is to restore public confidence and trust in the industry and promote a culture of professionalism amongst individual bankers. It is doing this by developing and supporting the implementation of industry-wide professional standards which set out the Professional Conduct (values, attitudes and behaviours) and Professional Expertise (knowledge and skills) requirements expected of all professional bankers. The CB:PSB aims are to:

  • Develop a series of professional standards to support the ethical awareness, customer focus and competence of those working in the banking industry;
  • Facilitate industry and public awareness and recognition of standards in banking;
  • ​Establish mechanisms for the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the standards; and
  • Help build, over time, greater public confidence and trust in individuals, institutions and the banking industry overall, and enhance pride in the banking profession.

The CB:PSB publishes an annual review detailing its achievements against these aims. The latest Annual Report can be found here