Professional Standards Team

The CB:PSB Professional Standards Team (PST), within the Chartered Banker Institute, supports all of the work of the CB:PSB.  Click here for details of the Team's structure.  The Professional Standards Team consists of:


Helen Bogan, Head of CB:PSB Professional Standards

Helen has been involved in the CB:PSB since its inception in 2009. Whilst at Lloyds TSB Scotland, Helen worked with Lady Susan Rice and the Chartered Banker Institute to create the original Board and worked with the Development Group to shape and define the CB:PSB. As Head of Professional Standards (since 2012), and working with the Board and Professional Standards Committee, Helen sets the strategic direction of the CB:PSB and has oversight of all CB:PSB functions from the development of professional standards to their implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Helen is also responsible for managing each of the CB:PSB structures: the CB:PSB Board; independent Advisory Panel; and Professional Standards Committee. 

Previously, Helen worked at Lloyds Banking Group and Lloyds TSB Scotland between 2007 and 2012. Working alongside Susan Rice, Chief Executive of Lloyds TSB Scotland and then Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), Helen was responsible for managing and supporting all aspects of Susan’s external work and profile and advised on a range of internal issues, including the integration of HBoS into LBG. As well as supporting the development of the CB:PSB, Helen was engaged in areas as diverse as climate change, financial capability and inclusion, culture and financial services skills development.

Helen started her career in the Scottish Government, moving between European Structural Funds, Private Office and Financial Services.


Linda June 2017

Linda Houston, CB:PSB Professional Standards Manager

Linda joined the CB:PSB in 2013 and as Professional Standards Manager, partnering with UK Banks to raise standards and professionalism in bankers and banking.  Linda has over 25 years’ experience in financial services, having worked as Scotland Manager for the Financial Skills Partnership (FSP), CEO of Scottish Investment Operations (SIO), Manager of Scottish Widows & Abbey National, and interim roles at Scottish Financial Enterprise (SFE). 

Linda’s roles at FSP, SIO and SFE involved engagement across the financial services industry, skills agencies, and the education and public sector in Scotland.  At the FSP, Linda progressed skills improvements for the finance industry in Scotland on behalf of the Financial Services Skills Gateway.


Karen Cottrell, CB:PSB Professional Standards Manager

Karen joined the CB:PSB in April 2016 as a Professional Standards Manager, partnering with UK Banks to raise standards and professionalism in bankers and banking.

Prior to this Karen worked for Santander UK for 30 years (formally Abbey National), majority of this time was within retail banking branch network. The last 12 years Karen worked within the Learning & Development team specialising in regulative and legislative training for all departments of the bank, working closely with CB:PSB during this time.





Jennifer Johnson, CB:PSB Operations & Governance Coordinator

Jennifer took up her CB:PSB role in March 2015 and is responsible for project planning and co-ordination of CB:PSB meetings, contacts and necessary actions.  Jennifer recently gained her Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt qualification.  She previously worked for Barclays Wealth and Investment Management as a Client Service Executive, as Member Communications Executive & Trainer for GSPC and as a Negotiator for Countrywide Estate Agents.

  The Professional Standards Team is supported by Matthew Ball, Head of Public Affairs.