Stakeholder Forum

The CB:PSB governance structure continues to evolve and, as such, during 2016 a new Stakeholder Forum has replaced the existing Advisory Panel.  The Stakeholder Forum will engage with a broader range of ‘end users’, providing an opportunity to cascade information and, more importantly, to seek feedback, opinions and advice.  Professor Robin Jarvis, formerly Chair of the Advisory Panel and Professor of Accounting, Brunel University, will Chair the Stakeholder Forum. 


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The Stakeholder Forum holds an annual event where attendees undertake Table Discussions on aspects of the initiative's Purpose the CB:PSB may need to focus more on in order to enhance customer confidence in individual bankers and to increase individual bankers’ professionalism.    

The CB:PSB Professional Standards Team (PST) has already acted on the outputs from the Table Discussions and feedback received from the annual events more generally. The PST has, and will continue to do so, incorporated the Stakeholder Forum feedback into its future work, such as the annual 'measurements' surveys undertaken with YouGov plc.  The PST will continue to engage and communicate with its Stakeholder Forum members around the initiative's key activities.  This is likely to include a quarterly / half-yearly short briefing and more details of this will be announced in due course.
The latest event was held on the 28th June 2018 and focussed on consumer trust and professionalism.  The keynote speech was delivered by Ben Page, Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI prior to the discussion.  The presentation by Ben Page can be viewed here.