CB:PSB Research 2012 to 2017

Read the Building Professionalism in Banking, CB:PSB Research 2012 - 2017 report in full below - click the bottom right of the image to read the publication in full screen (the file may take a few seconds to load in your browser).  A download of the pdf is also available, click here.  Please contact us at cbpsb@charteredbanker.com for permission to use or for further details on any of our undernoted research.



Since its inception, the CB:PSB has worked to quantify both its impact and changing public perceptions of the industry.  Five years’ worth of research has now been published (June 2017) in this new report entitled Building Professionalism in Banking, CB:PSB Research 2012 - 2017.  The research reveals improving levels of confidence and trust in individuals, banks and the industry, as well as improving views on professionalism in the industry.  Key findings show:

  • 40% of UK adults believe that staff who meet professional standards would make them trust the UK banking industry more and
  • Over half of banking employees believe that the Foundation Standard helps them provide a better service to customers.

This Report is published alongside the CB:PSB Progress Report 2017.  The Progress Report outlines the detailed activities of the CB:PSB, over the last year, to meet its Purpose and Aims.  It also provides analysis of key findings of the YouGov plc / CB:PSB research.  The Building Professionalism in Banking, CB:PSB Research 2012 - 2017 report should be read in conjunction with the Progress Report.