Achieving CB:PSB Professional Standards

The CB:PSB’s professional standards set out the Professional Conduct and Professional Expertise expected of bankers. One way in which individuals can demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to perform their role is through the achievement of vocational or professional qualifications. Relevant professional qualifications that may help individuals meet some, or all, of the knowledge and skills requirements of the CB:PSB’s standards are offered by a wide range of professional bodies.

However, in order to achieve a CB:PSB professional standard, individuals must also demonstrate that they continuously exhibit the customer-focused, ethical and professional attitudes and behaviours set out in the Chartered Banker Code of Professional Conduct.

Whilst education and training may help individuals to develop professional competence, it is important to recognise there are many ways in which professional competence and the expected values, attitudes and behaviours may be developed and demonstrated. There are three main ways in which individuals employed by CB:PSB firms may achieve the CB:PSB’s professional standards:

Activity    Description
Via learning and development activities   CB:PSB firms conduct a wide range of learning and development activities for their employees, both directly and through a wide range of partners including professional bodies, universities and colleges, training providers, e-learning providers, consultants, etc. Learning and development activities may take many forms, including but not limited to, formal education, on-and off-the-job training, e-learning, coaching, mentoring, and self-directed learning. 
Via prior learning and experience   Many individuals employed in the banking industry have developed knowledge, skills and expertise enabling them to work at a high level of professional competence. Relevant academic or professional qualifications, professional programmes, training received and knowledge and skills developed on the job can be benchmarked against the CB:PSB’s professional standards or, in some cases, accredited by the Institute.
Via assessment of competence   Using the CB:PSB’s professional standards as the benchmark, assessments may be conducted in a variety of ways (e.g., formative, summative, on-the-job, and/or via observation). Different forms of assessment may be equally valid depending on the context, although it is expected that there will be at least some external assessment. Assessments may be conducted by CB:PSB firms themselves (e.g. by line managers), and by professional bodies, universities and colleges and other training providers.