CB:PSB Intermediate Standard for Professional Bankers

The Intermediate Standard for Professional Bankers (the Intermediate Standard) is the third professional standard to be developed by the CB:PSB.  The Intermediate Standard completes the CB:PSB’s range of professional standards, complementing the existing Foundation and Advanced Standards.   

The Intermediate Standard sets out the CB:PSB’s expectations for banking professionals making a commitment to higher standards of expertise and conduct than those set out in the Foundation Standard.  It is intended to provide a “next step” for individuals who have achieved the Foundation Standard and to support the continuing professional development of banking professionals.   

Read the CB:PSB’s Intermediate Standard in full above along with a copy of the Guidance publication a download of each pdf is also available, click here for the Intermediate Standard and here for the Guidance.

The Intermediate Standard was the subject of a targeted consultation between the 13th September and 11th October 2016.  The consultation responses, reflecting the general views of stakeholders, were collated and used by the CB:PSB to develop the Standard.