Copyright, Trademark and Permissions

Copyright of CB:PSB professional standards and associated materials is owned by the Chartered Banker Institute. Those wishing to reproduce all or part of any CB:PSB publication should contact for permission. In all cases, where all or part of a professional standard, or associated materials have been used, or referenced, the CB:PSB and the Chartered Banker Institute should be attributed as the source, and the Chartered Banker Institute as copyright holders.

CB:PSB member firms are granted a licence to reproduce the professional standards, and associated materials, as long as they remain member firms.

The CB:PSB’s professional standards may only be met by individuals through the application of the appropriate methodologies approved by the CB:PSB, via the Professional Standards Team. Individuals and organisations may not describe themselves or their staff as meeting one or more of the CB:PSB’s professional standards, or similar, without having permission to do so from the Professional Standards Team.