Leadership Standard

The CB:PSB published its second Professional Standard – the Leadership Standard for Professional Bankers on 30th September 2014.

The Leadership Standard is aimed at professional bankers with leadership responsibilities for developing, promoting and embedding a culture of customer-focused, ethical professionalism consistent with the values, attitudes and behaviours set out in the Code. The Leadership Standard thus encompasses professional bankers responsible for setting and transmitting these values throughout an organisation. The CB:PSB believes this should always include the Chief Executive, members of the senior management team and their direct reports, as a minimum, and intends to promote an appropriate ‘tone at the top’, the ‘tone at the middle’ and, potentially, the tone throughout many levels of an organisation where professional bankers have leadership and managerial responsibility.

Read the CB:PSB’s Leadership Standard in full below along with a copy of the Guidance publication - double click to read each publication in full screen (the file may take a few seconds to load in your browser) - a download of each pdf is also available, click here for the Leadership Standard and here for the Guidance.